Registration is Open!

Registration and fee-payment for the ECA Lisbon 2015 are now Open!

1- Registration:

In order to register, please visit the registration page and fill in the form there.

* Registration is obligatory for everybody who would like to attend the conference. Additionally, the golden rule of “one paper – one registration” will be applicable. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.

* We will send you a confirmation of registration once we receive your form.

2- Fee-Payment:

In order to pay the conference fees, please visit the fee-payment page.

2i- The fees need to be paid in €, in accordance with the information available at our Fees & Registration page

[A- Early bird – by 28 Feb 2015: 225 € (Faculty) and 125 € (Students, incl. PhD students.    B- Regular – by 15 Apr 2015: 275 € (Faculty) and 175 € (Students, incl. PhD students). Additionally, you may choose to pay for a hard copy of the proceedings –25 € and /or for the conference dinner on 12 June – 30 €/ person).

2ii- Two payment methods are available: a) pay through a PayPal account or b) pay using a credit card. In both cases, NO extra payment fee is applicable.

2iii- Before you finalise your payment, you will have the possibility to add particular information to be included in the invoice (e.g. fiscal number of your university). Please do that if needed.

2iv- Immediately after you pay your fees, you will receive an automated confirmation of payment by email. Please forward the email to us.

2v- Official Invoices and confirmation of participation will be provided at the registration desk on the first day of the conference.


Please note that registration is complete only when (1) the registration form is filled in and (2) the conference fees are paid.