The proceedings of ECA2017 are now out!


We have pursued our collaboration with College Publications and our proceedings have appeared as volumes 76 and 77 or their Studies in Logic and Argumentation series.

Edited by Steve Oswald and Didier Maillat, the ECA2017 proceedings are now available from most online book sellers (Amazon, Book Depository, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, etc.). The official reference is:

  • Oswald, S. & Maillat, D. (Eds.) (2018). Argumentation and Inference: Proceedings of the 2nd European Conference on Argumentation, Fribourg 2017. London: College Publications.

Volume I gathers long papers, commentaries and thematic panel papers, while Volume II contains regular papers. All information on each volume (tables of contents, front and back covers) is available here: