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The city of Fribourg is located at the symbolic border between French and German speaking Switzerland, which is represented by the Sarine/Saane river. As a consequence the city is officially bilingual (with a majority of French speakers, though), which means that you will find many official sign posts in both languages.

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You will find the largest amount of historic and medieval buildings in Switzerland here, including over 200 Gothic buildings, almost 2’000 m of town walls and 14 medieval towers. The city is also known for its particular topology, as it is divided into a lower old town (‘Basse ville’) and an upper side with the more contemporary buildings.

Fribourg is a nice sample of Switzerland and the countryside, along the banks of the river and beyond, is gorgeous. You will be able to find close-by Gruyères (home to the famous cheese, and, even better, to what we call ‘double cream’ here, to be eaten with meringue –  don’t miss it!) and the Moléson, a well-known mountain of the Swiss Prealps.

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For more information, see Fribourg’s official tourism website.

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