From the airport / around Lisbon

From the airport:

Lisbon airport is right in the city. There are three basic ways to travel from / to the airport:

1) Metro (€ 1.25)

The airport is on the Red Line, which connects with every other metro line – and gets you directly to the São Sebastião (terminal station), some 10min walk from the conference venue.

Metro map is available here.

The machines that sell metro passes have instructions in English and accept Euro coins and notes, as well as most debit / credit cards. We recommend buying a “Viva viagem card” (€0.50) and topping it up with the amount you will spend (€5, €10, €15). It’s called “zapping“. You can use this card  on any public transportation, including metro, buses, famous Lisbon trams and escalators, ferry boats, and local trains. One trip will cost you €1.25.

2) Aerobus (€ 3.50) / Public Bus (€ 1.25 – € 1.80)

For more information, see here.

Public buses which take you to nearby the conference area (Campo Pequeno, Saldanha, Marquês Pombal): 744, 783.  See here for routes and timetables.

3) Taxi (€ 10 – € 15)

Lisbon taxis are quite cheap, although, according to the testimony of our Canadian colleague, “I find drivers tend to overcharge foreigners departing from the airport”.

A normal fare from the airport to the conference area is around € 10, to the centre of the old town around € 13-15.

Note, the meter should be on tariff 1, the starting fee  € 3.40 (or € 3.90 on weekends / nights). You will be charged € 1.60 extra for using the boot (it’s one fee, NOT per suitcase!).

Well, Good Luck!

Around Lisbon:

Same information applies:

Metro Lisboa serves four interconnected lines.

Carris runs a network of buses and trams.

You can use the same card on all public transportation – standard fee is € 1.25 per ride.

Taxis are easy to recognise and wave on the streets (NYC style) – within city they should cost you € 5 – € 10.